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Freelance License in Dubai with 100% Foreign Ownership.

Choose from 320+ business activities

100% Legal Status

A Dubai Freelance License allows you to work on your own in Dubai, or you can work with any company as well.

Present as Business

The Freelance License is kind of a Business License which is registered in Dubai Mainland & in Freezones.

Lifetime Residency

Freelancers get Lifetime Residency in UAE as well as additional employees quota to build a team.

Working with the most trusted entities in the industry

Get started with the most comprehensive Freelance Platform in Dubai

Invoicing to Clients

You as Freelancer can invoice your clients, so maximum chances of winning projects in market.

Business Bank Account

Get a corporate bank account facility and give business name instead to your clients.

Freedom of Office Space

Rent office space on the best places of Dubai. The choice is always yours. No need to loose clients when they want to visit your office. You can rent office anywhere in Dubai.

Start Business in 3 Easy Steps

You need to complete the application form to apply for the Business License with 2 Years Residency

Pick a plan & Set up your business

You pay as you go. Fees is paid on every approval and process as it moves ahead.
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Obtaining a Freelance Visa for Dubai Unlocking the Land of Opportunities

The Dubai Freelance Visa Unlocks Endless Possibilities.

With its towering structures and abundant way of life, Dubai is also a popular destination for freelancers and business proprietors. By procuring a Freelance Visa Dubai and establishing a business in the city, individuals worldwide can profit from Dubai's thriving economy.

Seize Opportunities with a Freelance Visa in Dubai.

Dream of calling Dubai home and tapping into its flourishing freelance market? At Dubai Freelance Visa, we make it happen. Our expert team is dedicated to assisting freelancers like you in securing a freelance visa, granting you the freedom to work independently and unleash your creativity in this global hub of innovation and opportunity.

Why Should You Employ Our Freelance Service for Dubai Visas

Share ideas, make decisions and move work forward with a common purpose and place

Profitable Markets Easily Accessible

The Freelance Visa Dubai allows you to expand your clientele and earn more as a freelancer in Dubai's prospering economy.

Cooperative efforts and networking

Independent InstaVisa Service, Those with a Dubai visa can access a network of helpful freelancers and businesses.

Independence and independence

Enjoy the flexibility of working whenever you choose. With the flexibility provided by a Dubai Freelance Visa, you can select your duties, determine your hours, and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Complete Service Accompanying

InstaVisa provides a vast array of customized services, including assistance with visa applications.

Dubai's Freelance Visa Advantages with InstaVisa

Utilize clever advertising and labelling to distinguish yourself in Dubai's congested market. We will assist you in establishing a memorable brand name and develop promotional campaigns that target your ideal customers.

You can utilize the city's many shared office spaces if you possess a InstaVisa Freelance Visa Dubai. In addition, we host mixers by invitation only, where you can meet prospective clients and business partners.

Apply for Your Dubai Freelance Visa Today and Take the First Step Toward Your Future Success!

InstaVisa is here to help you succeed as a business owner by providing expert advice, comprehensive services, and a dynamic network of independent contractors. Applying for a Dubai Freelance Visa begins a journey that will alter your career and existence. Join our ranks, and we will both succeed.

Professional Advice on Starting a Business

We will help you with every aspect of business launching, from selecting the appropriate legal structure to locating the ideal location.

Assistance with Visa Applications

It can take time to determine how to register for a visa. The experts at InstaVisa will assist you throughout the application process, vetting your application for errors and ensuring that it contains everything necessary for approval.

Examination of the Market

Your success as a freelancer is contingent upon your familiarity with the local market.

FAQs - Dubai Freelance Visa

Can I apply for a Freelance Visa if I am already present in Dubai on another visa?

You must fulfill all requirements and submit your application correctly to alter your visa category.

Is the Dubai Freelance Visa limited to a particular industry?

Freelancers from all industries, including the arts, IT, consulting, and more, can apply for a Freelance Visa Dubai.

Does the Dubai Freelance Visa permit sponsorship for my family?

Freelance Visa holders can sponsor their spouses and children as long as they satisfy the Dubai government's financial requirements.

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